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Tablets are amazing mini computers you can just touch and swipe away. If you think about it, they are just a bigger versions of our phones. We can do many things on them such as Playing games, Video calls, doing work on them, taking photos and so much more. Now that technology is better than ever, we are now spoiled with many choices including operating systems such as IOS, Android and Windows. However, when it comes to tablets when doing certain tasks which OS is better hmm?

Android is an amazing OS which offers so much apps. Android has a large variety of apps on the Google play store such as Games, Utility, Tutorials and other types of interesting apps.

Windows is another and one of the best OS that i've used and it is a legacy and still is today. Windows also has it's Store so you can download many games, Utility, Productive, Tutorials apps and other types of interesting apps on top that of you can download and install the legacy windows applications.

When it comes to gaming for Tablets on Android. There are thousands of thousands of games on the Playstore for Android users to play and many of them are free. I can't imagine being bored for a long time when have lots of games downloaded on my devices. Since tablets have big screens, it makes the experience more fun and enjoyable since you have more surface area to interact with certain parts of the games compared to Mobile phones. However when it comes to Windows, there is not that much games compared to Android, which is a downer for Windows users with tablets because most tablets powered by Windows are hybrid laptops so they are basically 2 in 1 laptops and tablets so it would be awesome to have more games on the Windows store. However, Windows games at the Windows store mostly don't disappoint because all most all of them are high quality games but more games on the windows store are not free compared to Android games. But wait Windows Tablets has an ace up its sleeves, Most windows tablets are full powered Windows OS so they function just like any other Windows laptops so that means they run windows applications and also that means... Yep you've guessed it, more awesome games. PC games are not like app games on the Windows store, they are more graphics intensive and gives users more gaming experiences. I recommend tablets with at least 2-4 GB of RAM and a Quad core CPU of at least 1.44 GHz or at least an i5 CPU processor running games in medium to low quality settings.

So which OS is better for gaming on Tablets? Well it depends on how you want to play your games on your tablet. If you are on a train or catching a ride to work or school and want to play quick games to pass away the time and you want to play on a bigger screen i would recommend a Android Tablet. The reason why i would recommend an Android tablet for them kind of occasions is because there are more games on the Android market to download and most of them are free and Android tablets are very fluent when it comes to touch intensive gaming in my opinion. Android also supports game console emulation so you can download emulators such as PS1 and Gameboy Advance and their ROMS

However, if you want to play graphics intensive games and play online with friends or play games with many adventures and stories to explore and you are out and about and don't have space to bring out your laptop then i would recommend Windows tablets. Windows tablets has an edge because they can run PC games like on laptops, you can hook up a wireless or even a Gamepad to windows tablets, even if you don't bring your gamepad along with you, you can still install Virtual gamepads on your tablet so you can play those games that require gamepads. Most Windows tablets are hybrid laptops so they come with detachable keyboards so you play your games with your keyboard if you don't like touching your screen too much. Just like Android, Windows also supports game console emulation so you can download emulators such as PS1, PS2,PSP, Gameboy Advance and even PS3 and many more.

When it comes to productivity and work, Android tablets has many apps for you to get your work done. Android tablets with big screens makes work more enjoyable easier and simple.You can type documents, write emails, use apps such as photoshop to edit pictures and edit videos. However, in my opinion i don't see Android tablets as a productive device because most of their apps are water downed versions of applications for PCs so the tools on productivity apps are not as powerful, don't have many range of tools and features as their PC application counter parts and sometimes can slow you down. Also Android tablets are not always productive friendly because when typing on touchscreen in general, this goes for all OS tablets, phones and smartphones, can slow your typing speed compared to typing on a physical keyboard because you can't really really feel the keyboard on the screen you are only touching a flat surface, so that means your senses can't detect what you are touching on the screen without looking at the screen so that means you waste more time looking for a key to press on the screen plus your screen view is divided so your view on what you are working on is limited, but that doesn't mean you can't work on any tablet. Android tablets has the ability to connect to a wireless keyboard so you can type on the physical keys. Windows tablets have more productive apps and they have most to all features and tools of their counterpart applications. Because most Windows tablets are hybrids they come with physical keyboards so you can type easier when typing which makes those type of tablets more productive. Windows tablets supports legacy applications so you can do all your productive work like you would normally do on your laptop such as editing videos with After effects, Creating documents with Word documents and so on. Windows tablets lets you to multitask more easier and efficiently and work and look at 2-4 things at a time with one screen. Also you can attach a mouse and a keyboard to a windows tablet.

So when it comes be being productive which OS tablet would i recommend? If you want to do simple tasks and quick tasks such as reading emails, writing emails, making quick notes and taking pictures on the go i would recommend an Android tablet because they are more user friendly for people who just wants simple tasks done and they offer many productive apps.

However if you want to do more complex tasks such as programming, coding, taking lots of long notes, editing graphics intense videos and pictures and also multitask what you do on a tablet as well as doing the simple tasks on the go then i would recommend a windows tablet because they are built to multitask and run complex softwares, they are developer friendly and most of windows tablets comes with Microsoft Office.

When it comes to Features and and file management, Android has many great features and flexibility when it comes to it's settings and personalisation. You can personalize the home screen, set your wallpaper to whatever you want and there is a cool feature that allows you to set animated wallpapers on your home screen called Live wallpapers, there are many of these wallpapers on the Google playstore. You can also get cool themes apps which are launchers which allows you to set all your apps icons, wallpaper, and backgrounds to certain themes such as windows themes, to make your phone/tablet look like a windows phone, IOS theme to look like an iphone and so on. There are so much launchers to choose. Android devices has some pretty advanced features and has a cool feature called the developer which allows you to debug your apps on your phone, show how much FPS your phone is running at and so much more. Android OS has the ability to show you which apps are running and how much resources each app takes, and how long they've been running for.

When we get to the file management system of the Android OS, it's default file management looks basic, which is good for average users who wants to get to get to a certain file or do file operations on it. However, Android file management directory structure is kind of confusing and hard hard to figure out where to find certain downloaded files. Another reason as to why i don't like Android operating system file management is because you can't type the directory in a search bar like Windows does, even if Android does support typing the directory it would still be confusing because of it's file structure. When it comes to device management, Android is good but you can't fully configure your device or install drivers manually like you can do on windows devices. Also Android don't have A type USB ports so it would be hard to transfer data from and to your USB drive and plugin peripherals such as USB mouse and keyboards and so on.

Windows devices also allows customization, which involves wallpapers, taskbar colors, themes and so much more. One customization feature Windows devices has over Android devices is that you can change resolution of your screen. You can magnify your screen and scale your screen so your screen can match your expectations. When it comes to file management, I believe windows is superior because browsing through files and directories is easy, You can select multiple files more easily by dragging with the mouse or wipe with a touch screen. You have more file operation options compared to Android's file management file operations and you can type the directory you want to go to. Most Windows tablets have A type USB ports so you can plug in peripherals and removable storage devices while on the go. Another cool feature that could possibly make windows devices superior is that they have the ability to run Android OS. Yes, they can be be installed so that the device can duel boot both Windows and Android OS. You can also emulate an Android OS on your windows tablet just by downloading the OS and using a software called Oracle VirtualBox. If you are planning to install Android on your windows tablet, make sure your tablet has at least 4GB of RAM and has at least 64GB of storage.

So which type of OS tablet is better, in my opinion? Well it depends on your needs. If you want to use your tablet for work i would recommend a Windows tablet because of it's office tools and applications, multitasking features and most of windows tablets are hybrid tablets. I believe Windows tablets are more suitable for office work and school work.

If you want a tablet for gaming on the go i would recommend a Android tablet because there are many games to download from the Google Playstore and many of them are free. I believe touch intensive gaming apps are better on Android tablets. If you want to play graphics and network intensive games that would require keyboard or gamepad support i would recommend a Windows tablets because Windows tablets can run PC games.

In my opinion i would go for a Windows tablet because it's possible to duel boot both Windows and Android OS on a windows tablet plus it's also possible to emulate Android OS straight from the Windows OS.





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