Terms and conditions of signing in and registering

By Registering and logging in to TAAISWORLD you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions of logging in.


TAAISWORLD stores the information that you've given when registering such as:
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
TAAISWORLD uses these information to tailor part of the site for logged in users. This site also uses your information to give you permission to do certain things on the site such as commenting and hitting on Blogs and Articles.

If you tick "Remember me" this would create cookies containing information about you, such as:
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Your User Identification Number
  • Your Username
TAAISWORLD cookies containing your information are safe and secure so your data can't be accessed by the wrong hands.


Visitors on this site can also sign in through their media social accounts such as Facebook and Google as an alternative if they don't feel like being a TAAIS member. When Signing through your social account, Facebook and Google will give TAAISWORLD the following:

  • Your name you are using on Facebook or Google
  • Your Email address that you use on Google or Facebook
  • Your Display picture (Profile picture) that you currently use on Google or Facebook upon signing in.
When sign in is successful, TAAISWORLD stores these data and will be just like a just like a TAAIS member which would allow you to comment and Hit on Blogs and Articles.


TAAISWORLD don't use cookies to store Google users information because it is not required. However, TAAISWORLD does use cookies for Facebook users because it is required.

All cookies used for Facebook members and and TAAIS members will be deleted and destroyed when signing out of the account.

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