TAAISWORLD using Cookies information

TAAISWORLD uses cookies to let users have a great experience while browsing the site. Cookies are used to track where users are on the site. The site does not track personal details. however, if you become a member, your details may be used if you allow cookies upon signing in. There is a checkbox below the login panel asking whether or not you want to be kept signed in on your device or not. However, Google and Facebook sign in on TAAISWORLD requires cookies so you won't have a choice like TAAISWORLD users.

When signed in to TAAISWORLD, TAAISWORLD stores your login details such as your username etc. on your device. However, your password and other sensitive details like birthday and age won't be stored for security purposes.

TAAISWORLD uses cookies solely to store information on your device such as your personal details, personal settings and track where you are on the site all solely for your browsing convenience to be a much smoother and enjoyable experience while on TAAISWORLD.

TAAISWORLD don't use Cookies for personnel tracking purposes.

Whenever you sign out from your account, all personal information will be cleared from your device.

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