TAAIS WORLD is purely built with:
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP
The website is built from scratch by Andrew Udoh. The website graphics is also created by Andrew Udoh. The production of the website started around June 2016. The website has been built on and off for the past year. The website consists of the following navigation:
People can log in and sign up so that they can interact with the websites. They can also log in to FB and Google. People can also comment on the comment contents and give HITS which is a rating system to let people show that they like a particular content.

People can also share contents information via link on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit and email. Users can also print posts so they can read the content on paper, this feature is print friendly.

There will be new features and improvement to the site in the near feature such as adding new pages such as:
  • Project
  • Media
Also, Live updates on contents and comments are planned to be implemented TAAISWORLD.

If you want more information feel free to email me

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