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TAAIS which is the initialism of Technologies Absolute Artistic Ingenious System. TAAIS is the parent corporation founded by Andrew Udoh in 2010. Its main initial goal is to manufacture, Design and produce products such as Digital products and Products which are designed to positively impact on people and the world. TAAIS believes it can change the way we people live for the better. Its aim is to rapidly improve modern Technology into pushing technology for making people's experience in their daily lives more enjoyable, less stressful and better as much as possible. Its aim is to also use Technology to make the world into a better place, try to solve and tackle world's crisis, economic problems and world problems as much as possible.

TAAIS is also an organization that provides Digital Media, Digital Entertainment and Computer Applications for everyone. Its aim is to be outstanding and phenomenal in the Digital Entertainment industry.


TAAIS WORLD is purely built with:
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP
The website is built from scratch by Andrew Udoh. The website graphics is also created by Andrew Udoh. The production of the website started around June 2016. The website has been built on and off for a year. The website consists of the following navigation:
People can log in and sign up so that they can interact with the website. They can also log in to FB and Google. People can also comment on contents and give HITS which is a rating system to let people show that they like a particular content.

People can also share contents information via link on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit, and email. Users can also print posts so they can read the content on paper, this feature is printer friendly.

There will be new features and improvement to the site in the near feature such as adding new pages such as:
  • Project
  • Media
Also, Live updates on contents and comments are planned to be implemented soon on TAAISWORLD.

If you want more information feel free to email Admin

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